Respond Today For A Better Tomorrow

Many Brands and Business Houses consider Social Media as a promising Marketing Channel. It is critical to decide before​-hand on how to go about​ your Social Media ​Space.

​​When you work on the various Social Media Platforms it is important to concentrate on your ​Responses. Respon​ding​ is very critical. Apart from regular Posts you also need to actively respond to the various comments and remarks.  Continue reading

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How To Address Negative Comments on Social Media

Social Media is a great place to be for your Business / Brand. Everyone is talking about it and most of the Business Houses are already on this Platform.

There are lots of parameters that one has to take care of when one is looking at marketing and promoting via the Social Media. The parameters would be to understand Audience Mindset, understanding the Social Media Platform and so on. Along with these is one of the most important criteria; how to Address Negative Comments. This gets answered when you start to answer another question: how to address ‘any’ comment on your Brand / Business Page. Continue reading

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Putting ‘social’ into business

Are you still wondering if you should have ‘social’ in your business? Your business works in an environment and not in isolation. You need to be where your customers are. If your customers are online and on the various social media platforms then you need to reach out to them and meet them there. The social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs can be looked upon as great open opportunities. Opportunities that can enhance your business and brand.

Social Media is just not for marketing. It is useful in practically all of your departments right from creating strategy, to recruitment, to information sharing and spreading and so on. Continue reading

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