How To Address Negative Comments on Social Media

Social Media is a great place to be for your Business / Brand. Everyone is talking about it and most of the Business Houses are already on this Platform.

There are lots of parameters that one has to take care of when one is looking at marketing and promoting via the Social Media. The parameters would be to understand Audience Mindset, understanding the Social Media Platform and so on. Along with these is one of the most important criteria; how to Address Negative Comments. This gets answered when you start to answer another question: how to address ‘any’ comment on your Brand / Business Page.

As a Brand guardian you need to understand on how best you can project your Brand.

  • It is important for you to understand the tone of voice and the Brand personality. This enables you to act and behave in an appropriate Brand Personality format.
  • Additionally you also need to understand that the persons joining your Page are not all only ‘Fans’. There could be many a reason to join your Page. Remember not all negative comments would be from ‘only Fans’.
  • Also try to read between the lines. ‘Why’ did the person comment in a negative way. Also check if ‘real’ persons are commenting or general copy paste is going on.

Below are suggested way to handle Negative Comments:

  • Weigh the comments first. Do a reality check; do not re-act at the very first time when you read the comments. Concentrate on what is being conveyed and why, rather than the tone and manner it is put across. The reason being is that this approach will enable you to go to the core of the problem.
  • Do not make each response into a public entertainment. Many a times you can request the concerned person to converse more in depth about the problem on a different Page – for instance perhaps you can have a Facebook Group Page activated. Here you can have the problem addressed.
  • Many a times it is not essential to re-act. Of course this is not always suggested. However see if you do want to give any response.

Your re-action and response is what will define your Brand.


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