42nd National Management Convention: Disruptive Innovation

Excerpt from an insightful speech by D Shivakumar, Chairman & CEO – India Region, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt Ltd at AIMA’s 42nd National Management Convention held on 30th September – 1st October 2015 at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi. The theme for this session was “Disruptive Innovation: Winning By Changing The Rules”.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It’s always a pleasure to come for an AIMA National Management Convention. My experience of disruptive innovation is from my own career, working in Hindustan lever when we tried to make accessible and affordable categories like shampoo, face cream, detergent, baby care products etc, for the bottom of the pyramid. Then in Nokia, we made technology which was completely new to the world and accessible in a country like India, we went from something like 80 million subscribers to 900 million subscribers. That was the fundamental shift and now on the new journey of health and wellness platform. So what is disruptive innovation? What examples have we seen over the last decade of disruptive innovation and what we’ll see in the future?

D Shivakumar, Chairman & CEO - PepsiCo India addressing AIMA's 42nd NMC

D Shivakumar, Chairman & CEO – PepsiCo India addressing AIMA’s 42nd NMC

Disruptive Innovation is about creating new value! You can create new value through new price point, new quality point, a time dimension, so fundamentally creating new value in any market is a disruptive innovation. You create new market itself. Mobile phones created a new market; tablets are creating a new market, a market which did not exist before. Suddenly you bring something which is a new to the market. Most of the disruptive innovation is led by technology that’s what we have seen and when new entrants come into the market, they do not have old cost. The old costs of legacy players are completely disrupted by these new people with new business models. We have seen this in steel and every other industry. New players tend to have cost structure which is significantly lower and hence their business models are different. Then in the technology world, we see the concept of freemium, everything goes free but they make money somewhere else. So what do you do? How do you compete with something which is free? That is the disruptive innovation.

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42nd NMC 2015: Playing It Straight: Keeping Cricket Clean

The 42nd National Management Convention of AIMA was held in New Delhi from 30th September – 1st October 2015 at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi. The theme of the 42nd NMC was “Making it Happen: Leadership in Times of High Expectations”, and speakers from different spheres of life shared their views with participants through interactive sessions. KPMG in India was the Knowledge Partner for the Convention.

Below is an excerpt from the speech of Mr Kris Srikkanth, Former Captain of the Indian Cricket team and Former Chairman of the Selection Committee on the theme “Playing It Straight: Keeping Cricket Clean”. Kris Srikkanth’s Speech in AIMA’s NMC 2015

Kris Srikkanth at AIMA's 42nd NMC

Kris Srikkanth at AIMA’s 42nd NMC

First of all I would like to thank Shiv (D Shivakumar, CEO, Pepsico India) for inviting me over for this function to come and speak at the Aima’s 42nd National management convention. In life, I played cricket and I played it for the passion. In my younger days, I wanted to be an engineer, I mean as usual coming from a typical middle-income family from Chennai the focus was on studies and I never wanted to be the cricketer but then it’s the God’s grace that my passion at the end of the day became my profession, cricket is still my passion.

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