Tips to be followed in Digital Marketing

Koichiro Shima – Co-Chief Executive Officer, Creative Director, Editor Hakuhodo Kettle, Japan & Yasuharu Sasaki – Executive Creative Director – Dentsu New York

In this new era Japanese agencies have created many successful digital advertising campaigns along with some campaigns which should not have been launched as they followed the policy of copy & paste from the successful campaigns. These unsuccessful campaigns were myopic and only focused on results and damaged the digital advertising field. So, here are some of our tips for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Digital is not a medium to express but it is the tool that we should use to integrate the diverse marketing media of business.

Here are two examples:

  • We launched a successful digital campaign on internet where we asked people to join this campaign on internet and we shot a TVC for same featuring actual people.
  • Just after tsunami in Japan we launched a campaign in collaboration with Honda where we provided information about road condition of areas affected by tsunami to people free of charge to make rescue and reconstruction much quicker. Continue reading
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Myopic principles which marketers still follow – Mr. D Shivakumar, President AIMA & Sr. Vice President – IMEA, Nokia

Mr. D Shivakumar, President AIMA & Sr. Vice President – IMEA, Nokia

Principally while defining your business you have to take into consideration the needs of your business. That’s the fundamental point of Marketing Myopia. I believe marketing has changed fundamentally.

Here are some changes:

  1. It is not the era of product brands anymore; it is the era of experience. Consumers now want a certain aura of experience now.
  2. The concept of place has changed, place today is any site which a consumer can access to know about your product, it could be internet or a physical store.
  3. We have moved significantly from price to value.  It is not about just promotion, we have classically run brand on the basis of promotion in our country. Advertising affect attitude to change the consumer behavior.
  4. When you are doing promotion like 20% off & 30% free, you are changing behavior. By offering this promotion we are changing the consumer behavior and we are hoping that their attitude will change.  We are planning to educate the consumer today rather than just promoting our product.

Advertising has changed dramatically, In 1980s for adverstising we had just two programmes in our mind: Hindi feature films & Chitrahar, with these two we could cover 80% of our target consumers in any category. Today it is a difficult task. The fragmentation of media now is dramatic. Continue reading

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