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In the session that took place at AIMA Young Leaders Retreat, D Shivakumar threw some light over the subject of managing self, team and business. The session started with one question directed on topic of trying to compare everything with money. Why people come to work is the first question leader should ask. People don’t come for money. Number one reason is does this company have meaning in what it does. So first Thing Company should start talking is about its focus. Why do we exist? Whom do we serve? What do we do? First is purpose. Second reason, believe it or not, is good colleagues. When people come from office and say wow I have good colleagues that would be a good culture, that’s why they come to work. Lot of people think that they would throw money and get good culture, no, that’s not the case. There’s an inverse relation between company with high salary and culture. Banks are the best example. Banks are cut-throat companies, because individual talent matters. And the third is, Progress. Whatever the way it is, in the evening they want to see improvement. They want their CV improved in the end. Now I will tell you the scary part. The current generation will not have the jobs till they are 40. Either their parents will be responsible or they will be so unskilled that nobody will pick them up. Unfortunately India doesn’t have the social security system. Your salary is the only route your family going and builds assets. So my submission to all of you is to tell them to think of career as a marathon, it’s a long time game. Don’t keep jumping for the next 2000 bucks. We are measuring ourselves on the assets and money earned. If you are good, money will follow you. If you have money it doesn’t mean you are good. Take this message to your teams, real value of money you make is after the age of 40. Funny way enough, all the guys are changing jobs, till 40. 40 to 50 is the prime time. You make 200-300% of your savings. Till 40, you are scraping through.
In answering one question about innovation in today’s world, he said, when we think of innovation, we think of adding something new to the world. That’s not necessary. Innovation can be in product, innovation can be in service, innovation can be in business model. Innovation can be in the way you do things. That’s what it is about. And a disciplined way gets you far more results than just brain storming and shooting from rear. There are two components of innovation. Everybody is seduced by the idea, but culture is equally important. Discipline, energy and focus are the pillars for a successful pitch for a leader. If you don’t have these things, you have to be absolute genius to be successful.

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