42nd National Management Convention – Mr. T V Narendran, Managing Director, Tata Steel India


Mr. T V Narendran, Managing Director, Tata Steel India,South East Asia

Mr. T V Narendran, Managing Director, Tata Steel India, South East Asia speaking at AIMA’s 42nd National Management Convention on 30th Septemeber 2015

The theme of this conference is about making it happen and I think that’s very important. And when I looked at this theme, I was remembering something I heard a few months back from somebody, I don’t remember the name of the speaker but, he said something which stuck in mind and he said – ‘Leadership is about dreams and details’ and I think that’s a very important and crisp way of defining what leadership is about. Because he said ‘you should have dreams otherwise you can’t inspire the people who follow you to follow you and you should have the ability to get into the details because otherwise you can’t make it happen. And if you only have the details and not the dreams then again you are probably not a leader’. So I think it’s important to have this balance between dreams and the details and making it happen is about bridging that balance. So when you look at the Make in India initiative and I think as someone in the manufacturing industry it’s something really exciting for us because after a long time we are all talking of ‘making India’ and we have a government who is making a big splash about it and I think we are really delighted about that because one thing is clear – there is no economy in the world which has made this transition from underdeveloped to developed without having a strong manufacturing sector and even today most developed countries have a bigger share of their manufacturing  in their pie than India has.

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