Transforming Nations – Paul E Jacobs at US India Conference

AIMA in its endeavour to promote innovative and global management thinking among Indian enterprises, organised the US-India Conference in association with Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley on 8th July, 2016 on the theme ‘Managing India’s Growing Role in the Global Economy : Opportunities for India-US Partnership’ in California, USA.

Below is an excerpt from an informative speech of Paul E Jacobs, Executive Chairman, Qualcomm Inc at US-India Conference 2016 on ‘Transforming Nations – Empowering people with knowledge and technology’.

Paul E Jacobs speaking at US-India Conference 2016

Paul E Jacobs, Executive Chairman, Qualcomm speaking at US-India Conference 2016

“Thanks everybody. Preetha and I know each other for quite some time actually due to the US-India CEO forum. We have  had lots of good discussions about how to use mobile for health care and we’re going to find some really good projects to do together so  we have been working at it but

Qualcomm has been in India for quite some time and it really is very important for us. I thought in the context of this Conference and session, just talking about how mobile technology really has been a catalyst for change, an opportunity for partnership, and it’s not a theoretical thing it’s something that we have long history doing and I am going to show you some historical information about what happened in India that made fundamental changes in the way that people were able to interact with each other and interact with the world around them for all sorts of your positive reasons. You must have heard some statistics already in terms of the reach of wireless technology. I am sure that everybody in this room has a smartphone and probably most of these Smartphones have a Qualcomm chip in them and almost certainly that chip has content that was designed in India. So almost certainly all of you are carrying around some technology that was designed in India and you use it every single day and your life pretty much depends on it.

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