Personal branding and style: The role of fashion in professional settings

Ms Rina Dhaka, AIMA Aspire’s WomenSpeak Session

Ms Rina Dhaka, AIMA Aspire’s WomenSpeak Session

The things to keep in mind while executing professional fashion are hygiene, presentation, trend and experimentation, said Ms Rina Dhaka, Renowned Fashion Designer, Proprietor and Advisor at AIMA Aspire’s WomenSpeak Session.

[Excerpts below…]

I’d say that in a professional setting, appearances matter a lot. Appearance opens doors and appearance opens conversations. In crowded and competitive spaces, it helps to look distinct and intriguing even before speaking. Having a good sartorial sense is a major asset in a professional setting.

An individual dressing style goes a long way in building one’s personal brand. Clothes communicate not only the personal taste but the substance and the stature of the individual. On a broader level, fashion is an expression of the spirit of the times and a marker of social and economic changes. It is an outlet for each new generation to disassociate itself from the past.

Fashion also introduces new ideas and practices, while expressing creativity and courage and highlighting individuality among the crowds. However, there’s always an edgy relationship between fashion and work, but there’s also a need to liberate workplace dressing from the outdated

The fashion industry has evolved in many facets over the years and fashion is affordable now. So, a few items for one’s professional wardrobe is within easy access. A few must-haves in a woman’s workwear include; trousers, white shirt, short kurta and linen pants given the Indian weather. Investing in some decent innerwear, especially in nude colours to be compatible with work attire is never a bad idea.

To complete your story, layering would be a good idea as this gives one’s attire a lift and that could be done with a piece of jewellery or scarf. As far as the colours go, there is no limitation for both genders now.

Post-pandemic, fashion has undergone a huge change as people have started choosing comfort over style. Hence, loose volume fashion, co-ord sets and sustainable fashion have been ruling the fashion scene now. However, the things that one has to keep in mind while executing professional fashion are; hygiene, presentation, trend and experimentation.

While men’s fashion is a growing business, the options that they have for workwear are- bowling shirts, Modi kurtas, bandh galas and short sleeve kurtas. The Indian weather is warm and hot so smart sandals should be allowed to be a part of work footwear for breathable comfort.

Lastly, I’d say that comfort should be key, so anything uncomfortable should be avoided. Heavy belting should be avoided in Indian weather conditions too. And my message to the professionals is that when choosing the right fashion, do not be caught in your mould of plan and pattern, but start experimenting with new fashion approaches.

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