India Thriving in the New World Order: Jyotiraditya M Scindia tells how

Hon’ble Minister, Jyotiraditya M Scindia, at AIMA’s 49th National Management Convention.

Hon’ble Minister, Jyotiraditya M Scindia, at AIMA’s 49th National Management Convention.

India is unfazed by the global challenges and progressing tremendously on its own accord, in the New World Order, said Hon’ble Minister, Jyotiraditya M Scindia, Ministry of Civil Aviation; Steel Government of India at AIMA’s 49th National Management Convention.

With the reordering of the international and national landscape underway, India needs to figure out ways to adapt to the circumstance. While India’s leadership is realigning its attitudes and actions now, India is emerging as a sought-after destination with its; good governance, high-quality infrastructure and strong regulatory framework. Hon’ble Minister, Jyotiraditya M Scindia, Ministry of Civil Aviation; Steel Government of India spoke about what India is doing to adapt to the changing world at AIMA’s 49th National Management Convention.

Shri Jyotiraditya M Scindia started off by saying that in all of the chaos of the New World Order, “India always sees an opportunity” and that is the “New India; An India unfazed by the global challenges and progressing on its own accord”.

Citing an uncertainty, he spoke about Covid, which the world had not fathomed to happen. He said that however, it was an indicator of how India has progressed. Earlier, vaccines of any kind were imported, but this time, India become one of the highest producers of the Covid vaccine. It created two vaccines and exported them to hundred countries in the world.

And the indicator is not just confined to the Covid vaccine. Today, the USA (United States of America) is experiencing 8-9% inflation, and the UK (United Kingdom) 10-12%. The world is witnessing negative growth rates and stagflation environments. The situation in India, however, is within control and the “Safety Net” is in place for its vulnerable population. Besides, the focus is on CapEx (Capital Expenditures), which would unleash the next round of growth over the next 3-4 years.

India has emerged in the world as the nation with the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth now. In terms of Foreign Affairs and Security Issues, India is moving from “conservatism to strategic economy”. So, across various parameters, India has emerged today, he said. “I believe the future of our country is very bright, he added.

India is also the 5th largest Economy in the world. He was also positive that by the end of the century, India would move from being the 5th to the 3rd largest. The Minsters in different sectors are monitoring their concerned area on a fortnightly basis sticking to the CapEx targets. India not only produces for export but for internal consumption as well. “It has moved from being a Net importer to Net exporter” he said.

Taking about the Sector he ministered; the Civil Aviation. He said that the whole paradigm has changed. He said that “where there are airports, there is economic growth”. Time is crucial in this age and people opt for shorter travel time, hence resort to air travel. So, the demand for Civil Aviation, as a sector has grown tremendously over the years.

In a period of eight years, India has added 141 Airports to its credit. And it can go to 260 in the next 5-6 years. There are Fair Bands in place so that a customer is not exorbitantly charged when there are only a few flights operating. Besides Price Bands were also created with a higher and a lower band, beyond which the companies can’t price the fares.

He said that Civil Aviation also needs an ecosystem. It should not be confined to airlines and airports alone, but it should also be about flying training organisations, cargo, ground handling, and drones that will collectively put an ecosystem in place.

In terms of keeping carbonisation in check, he said that Civil Aviation has a carbon mapping profile for all airports. There are a few airports like the Kochi and the Delhi Airports that are carbon-neutral, but by the end of 2024, about 90+ Airports will be carbon-neutral as well. Besides now, SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) made of carbon-friendly products are utilised for aircrafts.

In the 2nd sector that he ministered, the Steel Sector, Shri Jyotiraditya M Scindia said that he has Advisory Groups that he engages with to converse on, issues of carbonisation. The usage of green steel is in the offing too.

Lastly, on the rapid-growing technology, he said that India’s prospects for its growth are massive. Technology is an enabler, but it is the process of yielding it that will help gain superior results. Technology is a disruptor, but a “welcome disruptor” as far as India using it is concerned, for amazing results across the manufacturing sector, he said.

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