Being Happy And Productive In The New World Order: Swami Bodhananda Ji

Swami Bodhananda Ji at AIMA's session

Swami Bodhananda Ji at AIMA’s session

Happiness is not reliant on any materialistic things nor it is a product, one has to be emotionally balanced to be happy, said Swami Bodhananda Ji, Chairman Sambodh Foundation INDIA & The Sambodh Society Inc. USA at one of AIMA’s HR Sessions.

The Global Head of Sambodh Foundation in India and North America, Swami Bodhananda Ji’s teachings and discourses have driven the Foundation to help many to attain a peaceful mental state. The Programmes and Projects are based on his visions and teachings for the economic and geopolitical arenas. The Foundation is also involved in social services for minorities. Swami Bodhananda Ji, Chairman Sambodh Foundation INDIA & The Sambodh Society Inc. USA has also authored various books on Management, Meditation, Happiness, Leadership and more.

In one of AIMA’s HR Sessions on- ‘Reimagining The New World Order’ Swami Bodhananda Ji shared a few ideas and teachings on- ‘Being Happy And Productive In The New World Order’

Swami Bodhananda Ji started the Session by saying that the work-life-balance had been badly hit during the pandemic and it is a “tall order” to reimagine the New World Order as we cannot predict what will happen in the next 10 years, but we have to make arrangements to prepare our leaders and workforce for the same.

He further said that productivity is the function of the ecosystem and enhancing productivity is a difficult thing. When Indians go out of the country, they become very productive than being in India itself. Further to his deliberation, he said that being happy is an individual call. An individual cannot be forced o be happy. The thought has to come from within. Even the organisation for that matter is not responsible for an individual’s happiness.

A salary raise, promotion, or vacation, will not make an individual happy if they are not ready to be happy, then he further added that happiness is deeply related to the concept of ourselves. If one thinks that he/she is unhappy then that becomes their faith. If one’s happiness is reliant on a materialistic thing then they have to postpone their happiness. “Happiness delayed is happiness denied” he said.

If we think that deep down we’re unhappy as a person then we’ll be unhappy throughout. So, how do we reimagine happiness? The workforce has to be told that they’re responsible for their own happiness and that has to be driven deep down in their psyches. Happiness is ontological and should be within us, and not induced. Besides, fundamentally we’re all working to be happy.

We have to make that choice to be happy. “Fake it to make it”, he said. “So, let us resolve that we’re going to be happy right now, at this moment,” he asserted. To make that happen, the mind has to be balanced. One has to balance one’s emotions like jealousy, arrogance and vanity. Besides, once the mind is balanced, emotional balancing will follow, and this is how one can also develop your EQ (Emotional Quotient). Even thought-leaders, policymakers and economists are prioritising the happiness of the people they are concerned with, now.

Lastly, he concluded the deliberation by saying that the individual has to be the centre of the discourse and empowered, and that is how happiness can be reimagined in the New World Order so that the individuals will happily work and not work for happiness.

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